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One August day, we went on holiday. Mother, daughter and granddaughter – three generations of women. While in the warm Mediterranean climate, we'd left all chores at home and enjoyed the allure of sunlight and warm sea. We discovered how beautifully any moment can be used for relaxation and enjoying each other's company. We thought it would be great if we could feel that sense of balance after coming back home. We began to analyse how we, women, were able to reconcile so many life roles and don't forget anything. A calendar had always been indispensable to our lives. We'd tested many, but none had fully met our expectations. We wanted a planner that would help us feel like we held our lives ‘in our grasp’. 

We thought that it would be nice to combine our knowledge and experience in a single place so that we wouldn't waste time and could productively plan an entire year. Time is precious and marches on – without ever going back. How to get enough of it to enjoy the presence of our loved ones, as well as pursue our passions and most secret dreams? We, women, are born with the gift of motherly love. How to avoid becoming slaves to our daily chores and families? 

We came to the conclusion that in order to control our lives, we needed Happy Planner. Through the mother's longstanding experience in time management and the daughter's creativity, Happy Planner Madama® was created. Happy Planner Madama® is a unique method for organising one's time, and helps untie its loop and revalue one's life. It's professional and stylish – everything's in one place. It will encourage you to plan your day, week and month, step by step. The annual goals map will let you efficiently organise your goals and dreams. With it, the motivation toward specific actions will happily lead you to balance and fulfilment. It will teach you self-control and strategy, as well as self-respect.

 Happy Planner Madama® is a good reason to return to pen and paper – by writing, you'll relieve your mind, making sure that all important errands are written down and ready to be taken care of. With Happy Planner Madama®, time organisation becomes sheer pleasure. We wish you a wonderful year.


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